Why exhibit?

Jobs Expo is Belfast’s leading employment fair, attracting jobseekers throughout Northern Ireland and beyond.

Since its inception, Jobs Expo has showcased a huge variety of jobs in a number of different industries. These include the computer and IT sector, sales and marketing, education, healthcare, retails, financial services, emergency response, and more. Attendees include professionals, graduates, first-time jobseekers, mid- and senior-level staff, as well as people returning to the workforce, seeking new professional challenges or hoping to change career.

Jobs Expo gives companies, organisations and recruiters the chance to meet and interview hundreds of candidates in a simple, cost-effective manner. Employees are the engine of any organisation. Finding staff with talent, energy and innovative thinking is necessary, but it can be a time-consuming and costly business. Between advertising open positions and interviewing applicants, recruiting staff is a full-time job. Jobs Expo brings together companies and quality candidates under one roof and streamlines the process.

Each Jobs Expo event is extensively advertised and marketed through a variety of media channels. This includes television, local and national radio, online and through social media.

With thousands of people attending the fair, Jobs Expo gives employers a huge pool of prospective employees to choose from, making it quick and easy to find the right person for the job.


Meet hundreds of quality candidates over the event

Thousands of jobseekers from a variety of professional backgrounds attend Jobs Expo. Whether you’re looking for computer professionals, sales staff, graduates or experienced managers, you’ll find them at Jobs Expo.

Conduct on-the-spot interviews with potential recruits

A short, relatively informal interview at the event can give you a great sense of how a candidate will slot into your organisation. Candidates are less guarded and more themselves. This helps you to find the staff who best fit your needs and company culture.

Collect CVs for future staffing requirements

Gathering information on potential future employees can streamline the recruitment process for months, if not years, to come.

Value for time and money

Jobs Expo is excellent value in terms of time and money. In addition to advertising costs, interviewing candidates can eats into employee time, affecting the bottom line. Jobs Expo gives you the chance to simplify the recruitment process.

Promote your company as a great place to work

If you have a great company you want others to know it! When looking for a new job, financial compensation is only one of the factors candidates consider. It is not even the most important one. New challenges, opportunities to learn new skills and company culture all play a bigger part than a monthly cheque. Jobs Expo gives you the opportunity to promote your company to quality candidates whether they are first-time jobseekers, graduates or experienced senior staff.

Some important tips for companies recruiting at Jobs Expo


Make sure to publicise on Twitter, Facebook, newsletters, and email that your company is attending the Jobs Expo. Getting the word out about your company in advance will ensure that people will flock to your booth.

Post updates – let people know where you’re located at the exhibition, post pictures of your staff at your stand, so job seekers will recognise staff uniforms and company logos.


Cover your stand with a banner of your company’s name or logo, add colourful balloons with your company’s name or logo this will help you stand out and make it easier for job seekers to find you. Stock your booth with company cards, pens and easily available contact information.

Think about how to differentiate your stand from all the others, consider some sort of small giveaway or raffle to encourage people over to your stand.

Jobs Expo is a great way to increase your brand awareness and network with other companies.


Ensure that staff are friendly, engaging and informative. Shake hands and smile with people.

They must be aware of what job positions you’re recruiting for and what type of employees you’re looking for.

Prepare specific questions for applicants, this will make it quicker to find out if he or she is suitable for the job.

Wear a name tag – it makes it a lot easier to introduce yourself to new people and makes you more approachable.

Wear a company uniform or matching clothing – this will make it easier for job seekers to spot who is working at the booth.

Stand, don’t sit – It’s more inviting and natural to communicate with a person while you’re both standing.

Don’t be afraid to leave the booth to entice people passing by to check out your company. They may not be aware of you or what your firm does, so have a 30 second pitch prepared to inform potential employees about the business and the opportunities that are available at your company.

You can be a little more informal at job exhibitions, this isn’t an interview, recruiters and job seekers are trying to reach the same ultimate goal.

Store potential CVs away carefully, mark down people you were impressed by and add a simple note about the person on the resume they hand you. This will make it simpler to remember who the person was.

Don’t eat at the booth or have your head down texting on your smartphone. This makes a really bad impression.

Always ensure there’s a least one person at your stand at all times. Walking past an empty booth looks awful and you could be letting the perfect employee slip through your fingers.

After the Jobs Expo is finished, follow-up and get in contact with job seekers you were impressed with and reply to any inquires about your company.