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What's it like to work for Eishtec?

13 September 2016
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Eishtec are innovative providers of business process outsourcing. From their bases in Ireland and the UK, the company delivers results by focusing on their people, processes and performance. The company will be recruiting at Jobs Expo in Belfast. But what's it like to work there? We spoke to Eithne Knox, Eishtec's Human Resources and Training Manager to find out more.

Describe a typical day in the office?

Our customer agents are the main point of contract for our client’s customers. They handle hundreds of calls daily and weekly. They answer handling while delivering outstanding customer service. Customer agents are assigned to Loyalty, which is Sales and Upgrades, Tech, or Home Broadband. They work in a team of up to 20 agents, supported by team leaders.

Tell us a little bit about the kinds of projects Eishtec is working on?

We support some of the UK and Ireland’s biggest telecommunication brands including BT, EE, Orange, T-Mobile & ID. We also support customers with latest phones across the 4G networks and customers with fibre-powers TV and broadband service

Other than skills, what are the qualities you look for when hiring new team members?

When we interview prospective candidates we look for a number of different competencies. Customer agents need to be able to work collaboratively, focus on customers and be results driven. Other qualities we like to see are problem-solving skills, analytical ability and decision-making.

What can new hires expect during their first week?

The first two weeks are usually classroom based induction and client introduction.  During next few weeks, agents are gradually introduced to the live environment.  They listen in on live calls and start taking calls, working at 25, 50 and 75 percent productivity level.

Is there anything many new hires find challenging when they first start with Eishtec?

Many new employees may be new to employment and may not have any direct contact centre experience prior to joining Eishtec.  This can cause initial challenges for the agent. However, we ensure we have a strong support mechanism in place to work through any concerns and help build confidence.

What makes your company a great place to work?

Eishtec has created an organisation with an ethos, ethics and culture that delivers excellence for its clients and their customers.  We are an award winning outsource service provider. As we have grown, we have invested in our facilities, people, practices, standard and technology. Our agents have fantastic opportunities to develop internally, with 90 percent of our vacancies filled internally.

 Eishtec also offers a range of benefits. Just some of these include tenure-related salary increase, flexible shifts, an employee assistance programme and development opportunities. We also offer discounted membership to local gyms and health clubs, plus discounts from local stores. The company also runs regular social events for staff.

What about opportunities for advancement?

There are fantastic opportunities for development within the business.  At present, 85 percent of our team leader, support staff and management have been developed internally and promoted upwardly within the company

What do you enjoy most about your own job?

Recruitment is fast paced and exciting. Because it is always evolving and changing, I am constantly learning. I enjoy that I can have a positive impact on a person’s life, and my job gives me great opportunities to meet fantastic people. I also really enjoy that I get to to interact with all levels of the business.


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