Tips for Expo Visitors

Jobs Expo Belfast it is the perfect place to meet representatives from national and international companies. We want you to make the day as productive as possible. Here are some useful tips to help you get the most out of your visit to Jobs Expo Belfast.

What to bring

CVs, CVs and more CVs! Bring plenty of CVs to hand out. It’s far better to have too many CVs than too few. Make sure your CV is neatly presented, well written and free from errors. 

If you have business cards, bring these along too. Ideally these should be personal business cards, not the ones you use for your current job. The information on your cards should include your name, professional role and qualifications, personal email and phone number. 

Bring any references you have from current or previous employers with you. A good reference can make a huge impact on landing a job.

Study the exhibitor list before the event. Decide which companies you want to approach, do a bit of reach on them, and write down questions in advance. Bring a note book to jot down answers, names, contact details or any other useful information. 

Dress for success

You only get one chance to make a first impression. The clothes you wear may not have any bearing on how well you do your work, but dressing smartly tells employers that you are taking Jobs Expo Belfast seriously. Think of meeting employers at Jobs Expo Belfast as the same as going to a formal interview. Even in sectors where casual dress is the norm, business wear is almost always worn to interviews. 

Maximise your time

Jobs Expo Belfast gets busy, so it is smart to arrive early. If you are coming from outside Belfast, plan your route to the Europa Hotel. 

Decide beforehand which companies you’d like to speak to first, find their stands, and prioritise your time for those meetings. 

Practice your introduction. A confident introduction can make a great first impression. Be enthusiastic and polite when meeting potential employers. Don’t forget to shake hands and smile. Ask questions, take notes and always say thank you after a meeting.

If you have researched a company, don’t be shy in demonstrating that. It shows initiative and that you are keen to join the company. 

If you’re waiting in line, talk to fellow job seekers, they may have information about similar jobs that you’re unaware of.

Do your own research on the companies exhibiting and the service/jobs they offer. Compile a list of those you want to talk to.

See if there are any seminars which you would like to attend. Check when and where they are on.

 Bring a pen and paper to make notes, and also some copies of your CV.

 Decide what day you wish to visit and plan your journey to/from the event. Allow sufficient time for you to visit all the stands on your list and some that you didn’t plan for also.