TeleTech joins Jobs Expo

TeleTech are customer relations experts with more than thirty years of experience. Their guiding principle is that customer relationships which are built on trust and simplicity deliver lasting value for everyone. In other words, happy customers equal happy companies.

TeleTech knows that building good customer relationships across every channel, in every interaction and every day is not simple. The contemporary “always on” multichannel world in which we live creates challenges for companies and customers alike. Companies, trying to adapt to a new world of connectivity, are faced with disconnected technology systems. Customers, increasingly empowered by technology, demand a better experience in exchange for their loyalty. If not expertly handled, the result can be a disconnect between companies and their customers that can cost brands billions and push consumers away.

TeleTech re-establish the crucial relationship between brands and customers. Their services empower a company to think beyond the tactics of one-off interactions toward a strategy of long-term relationship building and growth. TeleTech have leveraged their deep customer experience to provide a comprehensive suite of services that enable a company to delight its customers and deliver profitable returns to its shareholders.

TeleTech works with some of the most successful companies around the world. They interact with 3.5 million customers, 24/7 in more than 80 countries using almost 50 languages across social, mobile, digital and face-to-face channels. Their integrated platform offers consulting, technology, care and growth services. They deliver exceptional experiences by bringing the best team, tool and practices to everything they do.

TeleTech will be exhibiting at Jobs Expo Belfast on 17 September at the Europa Hotel.

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