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Springboard Opportunities joins Jobs Expo

31 August 2016
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We are very pleased to announce that one of Northern Ireland's most important initiatives, Springboard Opportunities, will be exhibiting at our event at the Europa Hotel on 17 September.

Established in 1992, Springboard is committed ‘within a spirit of partnership, to building the capacity of disadvantaged people and their communities and contributing to a society that is at ease with itself and its diversity’.

Springboard: Supporting people and communities

Their 24-year track record, delivered within local and international frameworks, supports young people, to discover their potential and build capacity to make their lives better. Springboard believes their work makes a positive and sustainable difference to individuals and has significant mutual benefits to building shared communities.

Springboard’s key activities are primarily targeted to areas that face disadvantage and are also affected by division or conflict. They provide dynamic, needs-led learning opportunities for individuals and groups on themes such as diversity, personal growth, employability and community participation. They create bespoke learning interventions and accredited training and provide one-to-one support for marginalised young people.

Since Springboard’s inception they have supported over 10,000 participants. This includes a cross community and cross-border basis, and they have facilitated significant outcomes and outputs. On average 70 percent of participants progress to training, further education or employment. This is underpinned by increased personal competencies, with many seeking greater involvement in their community.

Springboard work on a partnership model. They have extensive local and global partnerships (US, Canada, S Africa, Europe) and always welcome new partnerships ')}

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