Portstewart software firm Zymplify is set to create 25 new jobs

Portstewart software firm Zymplify is set to create 25 new jobs

Zymplify will be investing £1.5 million in marketing, management, and sales positions.

Following a £1.5 million investment in its business, a marketing software company on the north coast is creating 19 new jobs. Zymplify in Portstewart specializes in sales and marketing software that assists businesses in rapidly scaling up.

It is now aiming to fill positions in sales, customer support, marketing, technical, and management, thanks to a six-figure investment from the economic development agency Invest NI.

It is hiring a total of 26 people, though seven of the new positions are already filled. According to Invest Northern Ireland, the jobs that have been filled will result in salary contributions to the economy of £1.5 million per year, implying an average salary of nearly £58,000 per year.

“Our platform makes the lives of marketers easier,” said Michael Carlin, CEO of Zymplify, which was founded in 2013.

“In one easy to understand dashboard, they can plan and analyse their digital and social marketing activities in real-time.

“We announced an ambitious growth and development plan back in 2018 and over the last three years we have been working hard to grow and strengthen our business.”

He stated that Invest Northern Ireland’s assistance had been “integral in our success to date.”

Mr Carlin went on to say, “The marketing automation space has proven to be very fast growing globally, and our new staff will help us carve out a larger piece of this market and fulfill the potential we know our business is capable of.”

“We are very excited for the future .”

Alan McKeown, Invest NI executive director of regional business, said: “Invest NI has been working closely with Zymplify over the last 10 years.

“We have offered the company business advice and guidance, R&D support to innovate its services, skills support and financial assistance to grow its team.

“Combined, this is helping  Zymplify  grow its reputation in the global automated software market and assisting it to meet demand for its services with new products now on board and new contracts secured in Great Britain, Republic of Ireland and Europe.”

Invest Northern Ireland has offered Zymplify £182,000 in job support.

Mr McKeown described the announcements as “an important step in the company’s journey.” “The jobs being created will generate over £1.5m of additional annual salaries; a great boost for the local community and economy.”

Mr Carlin spent nearly 20 years at AIG before founding Zymplify, working in Hong Kong, Paris, and Belgium. He also worked at Terex before launching instaGIV in 2010. Clearcourse purchased the mobile marketing and technology provider aimed at charities and the non-profit sector in 2020.

Zymplify has advisory offices in Belfast, London, Boston, and Manchester, in addition to its headquarters in Portstewart.

The Department for the Economy has also recognized it for its record of innovation.

Invest Northern Ireland’s R&D assistance is partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the EU Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme 2014-2020.

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