NIE Networks and a manufacturing company are looking for 150 new employees

NIE Networks and a manufacturing company are looking for 150 new employees

NIE Networks, which owns the local power grid, has announced the creation of 110 new jobs, including craft and technical positions.

Mallaghan, a Dungannon-based producer of airport ground support equipment, has announced that it is hiring 40 workers as demand for air travel rises.

NIE is looking for engineers, analysts, and support personnel in areas such as IT and digital, procurement, HR, and finance, in addition to craft and technical people.

It’s part of a goal, according to NIE Networks, to upgrade the power network in order to combat climate change.

In total, it will invest £50 million in the network over the next three years. Adding renewable energy infrastructure to enable customers embrace low-carbon technology and cars like heat pumps and electric automobiles is one example.

As part of its efforts to expand the renewable energy sector’s skills base, NIE says it is providing grade opportunities and apprenticeships. In collaboration with the Department of Economy, it will offer traineeships and apprenticeships.

Managing director Paul Stapleton said: “The electricity network sits at the heart of Northern Ireland’s journey towards net zero carbon emissions and is a central component of economic recovery in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Our investment and the skills we bring on board and develop at NIE Networks in the next few years will help Northern Ireland reach those aims and supercharge green growth in the years ahead.

“We’re delighted to be hiring in all areas of the organisation and it is an exciting time to be working at the cutting edge of clean energy technology. NIE Networks are a key enabler for Northern Ireland’s society and economy and we look forward to rolling out further investment plans in the near future.”

The investment will help fulfill the Executive’s aim of net zero by growing renewable generation, according to John French, CEO of the Utility Regulator.

Meanwhile, Mallaghan claims that its recruiting drive will result in a 15% increase in its personnel. As the need for air travel grows, so does the number of orders for Mallaghan items from airlines and airports around the world.

Airport buses, fire rescue stairs, catering trucks, de-icers, passenger stairs, and maintenance platform lifts are among the products it manufactures.

Automotive electricians, welders, assembly fitters, hydraulic fitters, plasma operators, tube laser operators, and spray painters are among the positions available at Mallaghan.

Its customers include Aer Lingus, British Airways, China Eastern Airlines, Delta, easyJet, Emirates, Etihad, Menzies Aviation, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Ryanair, SAS and Swissport.

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