Eishtec recruiting at Jobs Expo

Jobs Expo is pleased to announce that Eishtec will be joining our event at the Europa Hotel on 17 September.

Eishtec are innovative providers of business process outsourcing. From their bases in Ireland and the UK, the company delivers results by focusing on their people, processes and performance. They look at key behaviours and processes, and use analytics to generate insights, develop solutions and improve performance.

Eishtec offers a number of key services. They select the right applications and tools to design solutions for a client’s needs. These solutions add value to a client’s business. They identify findings about a client’s product and services and turn these into practical actions.

Key services include voice and data analytics. The company can work with large amounts of data and extract valuable insights. These insights can be used to make improvements to a client’s objectives.

Eishtec also provides communication solution. Phone and voice technologies are integrated into an organisation and work seamlessly across business. The company also uses social media as a channel to a clients’ customers and to keep a check on what is happening in the market. In addition, customers are engaged through non-voice channels such as live chat, SMS, direct mail and email. Eishtec also offers training services so that their advisors can implement solutions in a way that adds value to a business.


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