Belfast City Council's CEO is set to take on a new role as Jersey's top civil servant

Belfast City Council’s CEO is set to take on a new role as Jersey’s top civil servant

Belfast-born Suzanne Wyle, the CEO of Belfast City Council, is set to accept a £250,000-a-year position as Jersey’s top civil servant.

The island, located off the coast of France, has a population of more than 100,000 people. According to the Bailiwick Express, Ms Wylie is on track to become CEO of the Channel Islands next year.

Ms Wylie has been the Chief Executive of Belfast City Council since 2014, following a career in local government administration. She previously served as the Director of Health and Environmental Services.

During her tenure in Belfast, she has faced challenges that are unlikely to arise in Jersey, such as the ongoing issue of loyalist bonfires and the fallout from the funeral of IRA man and senior Sinn Féin member Bobby Storey.

Last June, during lockdown, the funeral of the country’s leading republican took place.

Ms Wylie apologized “wholeheartedly and unreservedly” for how the funeral was handled earlier this year.

Families were unable to attend Storey’s cremation services on the same day, which Ms Wylie later described in a statement as a “error of judgment.”

Paul Martin, a former Chief Executive of the London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Richmond, is Jersey’s top government official on an interim basis.

His 12-month contract will expire at the end of February 2022, when Ms Wylie will take over.

Jersey is a British Crown Dependency with its own financial, legal, and judicial systems.

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