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Belfast City Council is looking for a new chief executive and is offering a generous salary

10 January 2022
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Belfast City Council has posted a job advertisement for a new chief executive with a salary of nearly £150,000.

Suzanne Wylie, the company's current CEO, will step down later this month to take up a new position in Jersey. Her successor will be paid between £130,859 and £147,217 per year.

The role pays more than the first and deputy first ministers of Stormont, who both get £123,000 a year.

The application period will last three weeks, ending on January 28, with interviews scheduled for mid-March.

The council stated in its employment advertisement:

"This is a rare and career-defining opportunity to serve as a chief executive of a capital city."

The winning candidate, according to the announcement, would serve as an ambassador for the municipality on a national and international level.

The council stated that they will "promote inclusive growth," "maximize the Belfast Region City Deal," "support services through the Covid-19 epidemic," and "deliver for Belfast and its residents."

The council's website has a 16-page application form and a 28-page applicant information pack, which contains a detailed job description.

Since 2014, Ms Wylie has been the chief executive of Belfast City Council, making her the first woman to hold the position.

According to the council's statement of accounts, her pay in 2020-21 was between £140,000 and £145,000.

Ms Wylie announced her departure in September, saying she would take a £250,000-a-year job as chief executive and head of the States of Jersey's Public Service.

Deputy Chief Executive Ronan Cregan will step up and take overall responsibility for the council during the recruitment process.

He will be aided by John Walsh, the city solicitor, who will be in charge of political management concerns.

During the interim, additional directors will be assigned to certain aspects of the work.

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