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Automated Intelligence Announces £2Million Deal

7 January 2016
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Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister Jonathan Bell has announced a major deal between Belfast based Automated Intelligence Ltd and a large global investment bank.

Congratulating the company on the deal, estimated to be worth £2.1million in the initial phases of the project Jonathan Bell said: “This is Automated Intelligence’s first substantial deal within the UK financial services sector. Using extensive experience and expertise, gained from working in the Enterprise Content Management Industry and the UK Public Sector, Automated Intelligence have designed a new product to meet the specific challenges faced by financial organisations in managing information.

“Developed with the support of an Invest Northern Ireland grant for R&D, the new product called AI.ASSURE is set to reach over 200,000 bank staff globally. AI.ASSURE is designed to offer a full enterprise, risk and governance business tool to financial organisations to assist in delivering a cost effective solution. Whilst promoting ease of use for staff the product assists in meeting the complex regulatory and corporate policy demands of the financial sector.

“Signing a £2million deal with a major global investment bank can be challenging and the drive and commitment shown by this company is to be congratulated. It is clear there are now greater opportunities than ever for businesses here to expand into the global marketplace. I would encourage all businesses to take full advantage of the comprehensive programme of support offered by Invest NI to help them maximise the opportunities within new markets and partnerships.”

Automated Intelligence has received a range of support from Invest NI, totalling £250,000, aimed at significantly boosting its export sales. Invest NI support for R&D is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Sustainable Competitiveness Programme for Northern Ireland.

Simon Cole, CTO of Automated Intelligence, said: “We aimed high and won this contract against stiff international competition, showing that our AI.ASSURE product is world class. This a great win for AI and a huge boost to our fantastic team that have worked tirelessly to make this happen.

“Our overall strategy is to grow our business through a mix of sales expansion and product innovation and we will continue to innovate and bring new and exciting products to market. This will ensure we become a global player in enterprise software and stay ahead of our competitors.

“Invest NI’s support has been an essential driver in developing innovative products and in enhancing our marketing capabilities and ensuring the success of this deal. We now hope to build on the traction we have gained in the UK financial services market, which will go a long way in supporting our business plans to drive growth in international markets over the next five years.”

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