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NI public in work reaches record high following end of furlough

TweetIn October, the number of employees in Northern Ireland receiving pay under HMRC Pay As You Earn reached a new high. The latest labor market statistics tend to imply that the UK Government’s vacation scheme, which concluded on September 30, was a relative success, with an increase of 3,000 employees to a record high of 768,200. According to the numbers, this represents a 0.5 percent increase over the previous month and a 4.4 percent increase over the previous year, with about 15,000 more individuals on the payroll than when the epidemic began in March 2020. According to the figures, 200 redundancies happened in October 2021, with 240 suggested redundancies occurring […]

Pizza chain to create 500 jobs in Ireland

TweetApache, an Irish pizza business with 180 locations around the country, is to hire 500 people as part of an all-island roadshow leading up to Christmas. Over the next few weeks, the National Recruitment Roadshow will visit cities and universities to fill the posts as rapidly as feasible. On December 7, the brand will bring its roadshow to Waterloo Place in Derry, Northern Ireland. While the exact number of jobs to be filled on this side of the border has not been verified, it is expected that new positions will be created across the company’s 37 locations. The 500 new opportunities include permanent, full-time, and part-time positions for general managers, […]

Lidl NI launches major recruitment drive to hire for 100 new retail roles this Saturday

TweetTo support its continued growth and expansion, Lidl Northern Ireland is launching a major recruiting roadshow to fill 100 permanent new retail posts throughout its network of stores across the province. Six regional recruiting events will be conducted across Belfast, Downpatrick, Enniskillen, Newry, Omagh, and Portadown on Saturday, November 13 to fill a variety of in-store roles. The new job announcement comes after Lidl NI launched a recruitment drive earlier this year to fill 170 positions across its regional warehouse and 41 store network. This current employment intake will bring Lidl NI’s workforce to over 1,100 employees, representing an annual salary investment of over £1 million. Attendees at the recruitment […]

Telecoms and IT companies join forces in Northern Ireland to launch eir evo and create jobs

TweetWith the launch of eir evo, which combines two prominent business technology brands, Northern Ireland has a major new and challenging force in telecommunications and IT. Following the successful merger of eir Business and Evros Technology Group earlier this year, eir evo is now the largest provider to offer real end-to-end service delivery and technical innovation to the highest levels, both north and south. By early next year, the newly combined company will have created ten new positions in Northern Ireland and will offer a comprehensive range of managed services to commercial customers across the region, including phone and data networking solutions, IT, cyber security, and cloud technologies. In order […]

HGS hosting a recruitment drive across Northern Ireland

TweetJob seekers are encouraged to send their resumes to Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS), a business process management firm that has announced aspirations to hire over 560 people across Northern Ireland. Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS), a global leader in business process management and customer experience lifecycle optimization, is hiring for a variety of positions in customer service, management, and support. HGS will launch a recruitment campaign to promote a range of jobs that are currently available, encouraging job seekers from across Northern Ireland to apply. With over 400 positions already recruited and confirmed, HGS will launch a recruitment campaign to promote a range of jobs that are currently available. “We fully […]

Northern Ireland Protocol credited for helping to create 1,000 new jobs

TweetThe protocol, according to the Deputy First Minister, is to thank for Almac’s announcement that it will hire 1,000 people because it has dual market access. In the next three years, the Almac Group, a Craigavon-based pharmaceutical development and production company, plans to hire 1,800 people worldwide, 1,000 of whom will be in Northern Ireland. The development, according to Ms O’Neill, demonstrates the benefits of the protocol’s dual access, which allows Northern Ireland firms to sell without limits in both the UK internal market and the EU single market. Almac, which was participating in clinical studies for Covid-19 vaccines last year, promotes the protocol’s “seamless, uninterrupted, and flexible” dual market […]

Almac in Northern Ireland will create 1,000 new employment in the region

TweetAlmac, a pharmaceutical business located in Northern Ireland, has announced plans to hire 1,800 people over the next three years. More than 1,000 of them will be stationed in Northern Ireland. Almac, which develops its own medications, employs over 6,000 people across its global operations, making it one of Northern Ireland’s top employers. Manufacturing and executing testing for large worldwide corporations is a significant element of its business. Last year, the company, which is situated in Craigavon, County Armagh, was involved in the clinical trials of Pfizer and BioNTech’s first effective Covid-19 vaccine. BioNTech received clinical trial help from the firm’s clinical services section in areas such as distribution, labeling, […]

Teachers’ exemption from the Fair Employment Act is ‘outdated,’ according to the Northern Ireland Education Department

TweetAccording to a union, the exemption of teachers in Northern Ireland from fair employment legislation is “outdated” and should be repealed. That exemption has been criticized by a number of MLAs, including former first minister Arlene Foster. The NASUWT, a teachers’ union, is the latest to push for the exception to be repealed. Teachers are protected from Northern Ireland’s anti-discrimination statute when it comes to hiring. The removal of the exemption, according to the NASUWT, will “address endemic nepotism and a lack of diversity in the teaching profession.” On Tuesday, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) convention in Belfast will hear the union’s motion. It demands for the exception […]

The number of people on NI payrolls has reached an all-time high

TweetOfficial numbers reveal that the number of paid employees in Northern Ireland increased by 1.3 percent last month compared to before the outbreak. Employee numbers in Northern Ireland reached a new high of 762,000 in July, according to the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (Nisra). It’s the second month in a row that numbers have topped pre-Covid levels from March 2020. Payroll data from HM Revenue and Customs is the most up-to-date and accurate single indicator of the labor market. In July, the number of employees was anticipated to be 762,600, up 1.3 percent from March 2020 and 3.1 percent more than the same period previous year. It includes […]

A gas storage project off the coast of Northern Ireland has been approved, creating 400 jobs during construction

TweetA Marine Construction Licence has been granted to a gas storage project off the coast of Northern Ireland, allowing it to begin construction. The project will generate 400 new jobs. The Islandmagee Energy gas storage project will begin with seven gas storage caverns. When completed and fully operational, the gas caverns in County Antrim will hold approximately 500 million cubic metres of natural gas and provide Northern Ireland with “security of supply” during peak demand for up to 14 days. Ballylumford, Northern Ireland’s main gas-powered power station, is located on the Islandmagee peninsula and provides half of the province’s power. It is also the terminus of the existing Scotland-Northern Ireland […]