30 new jobs for Belfast as digital company Auxillion expands

30 new jobs for Belfast as digital company Auxillion expands

As part of a major expansion on the island of Ireland, a digital services company has announced the creation of 30 jobs in Belfast.

Auxilion is hiring 110 people, with 80 of them based in its Dublin office.

It comes on the heels of Almac’s announcement that it will hire 100 new employees in the north west over the next three years.

Auxilion, led by Philip Maguire, has stated that it intends to increase revenue from £35 million to more than £50 million over the next three years.

The company will be hiring for technical positions as well as project and program managers across divisions such as networking, digital workplace, consulting, and managed services. The new roles, according to the company, will drive digital transformation projects for customers such as health care and government agencies.

The expansion comes after a restructuring of operations, with senior executives relocating to build the company’s consulting business.

Mr. Maguire, the company’s founder and CEO, stated, “The pandemic has increased the rollout of digital transformation and IT change management projects, while also accelerating many organizations’ innovation strategies.”

“However, because these were implemented in such a short period of time, long-term planning and procedural governance were lacking.”

“As a result, organizations must review and re-engineer their approaches to ensure that they continue to support business objectives.”

Almac announced yesterday that it plans to hire 100 new employees over the next three years for a new facility in Derry. It has now begun hiring for a variety of project management and software engineering positions at all levels.

It stated that prior experience in the pharmaceutical industry was not required because full on-the-job training would be provided.

Almac, which performs contract development and manufacturing, now employs over 5,600 people in 18 locations around the world.

It employs 3,600 people at its Craigavon headquarters.

“We are experiencing significant growth and have a need to support our many clients around the world,” said CEO Alan Armstrong.

“With significant technological advancement, we are fortunate to be able to locate our employees wherever we choose, providing greater flexibility and access to our diverse range of services.”

“Given the skills pipeline coming from Ulster University at Magee and Coleraine, as well as the excellent choice of workspace available in the Derry/Londonderry area, we have decided to investigate this region as our next Almac location.”

He stated that the company was proud to have its global headquarters in Northern Ireland and to now be establishing itself in the north west.

The company is optimistic that it will be able to find the necessary number and quality of job applicants.


PwC Belfast announces 770 new jobs in £40m investment

PwC Belfast announces 770 new jobs in £40m investment

PwC, a professional services firm, has announced the creation of 771 jobs as part of a £40 million investment in a new advanced research and engineering center.

The investment, announced by new Economy Minister Paul Frew, will be phased in over the next five years, creating 771 jobs.

Invest Northern Ireland, the economic development agency, is contributing more than £9.8 million to the investment.

The new facility is located in Belfast and is part of PwC’s fastest-growing division, Operate.

Mr Frew stated, “PwC’s significant investment is a vote of confidence in our local workforce’s talent and the success it has already achieved here.”

“With almost £10m of support from Invest NI towards the new centre, this investment will lead to the creation of almost 800 new jobs which will generate approximately £25m in additional annual salaries for our economy.

“The new advanced research and engineering centre will drive future innovations in technology. It will enhance our reputation as a world leader in technology innovation and our capabilities in important research areas such as robotic process automation (RPA), workflow automation, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).”

He stated that areas such as RPA and AI were all highlighted in the 10X Economy, a strategy for economic growth first introduced by his predecessor, Diane Dodds, last month.

The center will be located at PwC’s new headquarters in Belfast’s Merchant Square, which was recently sold to a Saudi Arabian investment fund for £87 million, making it Northern Ireland’s largest ever office sale. The structure is scheduled to open later this summer.

It will create technology and data assets to assist clients, and recruitment for software engineering and other technology roles will begin immediately.

According to Ian McConnell, partner lead for PwC Operate, the center will be central to PwC’s future technology strategy.

“Our goal is to transform incredible ideas into technology that will solve complex business problems for the next decade and beyond.

“We’re creating a team of engineers and technologists who’ll work within a bigger innovation ecosystem, including government, academia and business, to help our clients take giant leaps, rather than incremental steps.

“It’s a huge statement of confidence from PwC UK’s Executive Board in both the Operate business and our local talent.

“The strength of our people has already enabled us to turn Operate into PwC’s fastest-growing division and I’m very proud that this gives us the opportunity to create hundreds more highly skilled jobs in Northern Ireland.”

The funding from wInvest NI will go towards 37 research and development projects in key technology areas such as RPA, workflow automation, AI, and data analytics.

It will also help to create 108 software and engineering jobs.

“We’ve been working with PwC since 2011 and, with our support, the local management have successfully positioned NI as a key hub for PwC UK, helping to grow its presence in Northern Ireland from 650 employees to over 2,500,” said Invest NI chief executive Kevin Holland.

“I am delighted that we have been able to secure the company’s further growth ambitions in Northern Ireland, with the research and engineering centre as the latest outcome of our working relationship.”

Hinduja Global Solutions UK, a company based in Northern Ireland, has announced the creation of 565 new jobs

Hinduja Global Solutions UK, a company based in Northern Ireland, has announced the creation of 565 new jobs

Economy Minister Diane Doods announced on Wednesday that a ‘business process management’ firm is creating 565 new jobs in Northern Ireland.

The news was revealed by the outgoing DUP minister during a meeting with representatives from Hinduja Global Solutions UK to announce the company’s plans. “We are a global provider of business process management (BPM) and customer experience management,” according to the company.

According to reports, HGS provides businesses with outsourcing services ranging from marketing and “digital enablement” services to “consumer interaction” services and platforms enabling back office business services.

The Minister said of the investment, “It is my pleasure to welcome HGS to Northern Ireland and announce this significant investment.” When fully implemented, a project of this size will provide a significant boost to our economy, generating additional annual salaries of around £10 million.

“The creation of over 560 jobs, all of which can be home-based, will provide job opportunities across the whole of Northern Ireland. This provides important employment options for those in rural communities and those who will be attracted to working from home through lifestyle or necessity.

“This also brings environmental benefits including reduced energy use and costs, along with less travelling for staff, less time away from home leading to improved work-life balance, less stress and more flexibility.”

Around 100 jobs are already in place, with people recruited from every council area in Northern Ireland.