Market Resource Partners

Meet Market Resource Partners at Jobs Expo

We are delighted to announce that Market Resource Partners will be joining our event this September in Belfast.

MRP is a global provider of marketing intelligence, software and services. Founded in 2002, the company has since grown into a market leader. MRP has 12 offices and covers 100 countries around the globe. They are wholly owned subsidiary of First Derivatives plc, a global service provider in the technology sector.

Market Resource Partners advanced Delta Marketing Cloud

Market Resource Partners offers Delta Marketing Cloud. This innovative platform offers a powerful integration of data, software and services to give companies an edge in identifying, engaging and driving sales prospects.

Delta Marketing Cloud uses MRP’s Delta Prelytix to analyse billions of companies’ buying-intent sessions. Prelytix creates profiles of what buyers are looking for, their location, the company size and industry. It combines this information with internal web logs, previous buying behaviour and MRP’s voice-verified intelligence. This is used to score prospects and reveal what stage of the buying journey these prospects are in. Prelytix offers more accuracy than any other predictive analytics platform available. This is integrated in the Delta Marketing Cloud, enabling marketing groups to identify and nurture prospects in real time before they even talk with a sales rep.

MRP’s Delta Interactive module pushes the right content to the right prospects at the right time, based on what Delta Prelytix uncovers. This is seamlessly integrated into the Delta Marketing Cloud. High impact direct mail, white papers, case studies, videos, webinars and other marketing collateral are delivered to prospects, guiding them to a client’s sales team.

MRP uses proprietary technology and advanced algorithms to help companies execute B2B programmes with precision. Clients rely on MRP to deliver the insights they need to sell more effectively to their key target markets.

Innopharma College of Applied Sciences

Innopharma College of Applied Sciences joins Jobs Expo

We are proud to announce that Innopharma College of Applied Sciences will be joining our Belfast event on 17 September.

Innopharma College of Applied Science is an award winning global institute dedicated to applied sciences. The college is an education, research and technology institute for industry-led technology, education and training programmes in the pharmaceutical, medtech and food industries. Innopharma College of Applied Sciences has grown to become one of the top institutes delivering world recognised qualifications up to Masters’ degree level in the pharmaceutical, medtech and food sectors.

The college offers the highest quality facilities and has developed strategic collaborations with a number of Ireland’s most established higher level education institutions. Innopharma offers some courses on their campus in Sandyford in Dublin; others are run in conjunction with the Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT) or Griffith College in Dublin, as well as at strategic locations throughout Ireland. Some courses are also delivered online.

What makes Innopharma College of Applied Sciences different?

Innopharma College of Applied Sciences offers an education team with extensive industry experience. Many lecturers have held senior management positions with major blue chip multinational companies in Ireland and internationally. The college has an extensive network of contacts to connect students with industry and academia. They also have an exceptional reputation for post-graduate employment – over 70 percent of their graduates having gained employment or advanced further their careers within 6 months of graduating from Innopharma run courses.

The college works closely with companies to develop and deliver bespoke programmes. These are designed with business outcomes in mind. These offer practical and hands-on education to give students an intense, challenging and industry relevant learning experience.



Aspira recruiting at Jobs Expo

We are very pleased to announce that Aspira will be joining Jobs Expo Belfast on 17 September at the Europa Hotel.

Aspira is an Irish company with international impact. From their offices in Dublin and Cork, they offer consultancy and IT services. Their clients include AIB, Coillte, DePuy Synths, EirGrid, ESB and Electric Ireland and Laya Healthcare.

A little bit about what Aspira does

Aspira was established in 2007. They are global Enterprise IT Project Specialists, driving IT empowered solutions and services, with a strategic focus on optimising business performance. They specialise in delivery of services to the financial service, I.T., medical devices and energy sectors.

Aspira offer business management services and consultancy to clients worldwide. They help clients to simplify complex management systems and streamline process workflows. Their expert business analysts ensure clear Scope and Requirements definition, and put a comprehensive change management structure in place, integrating elements of Lean and Six Sigma to provide a solution that fits client needs.

Aspira deploy software worldwide and design and build robust solution architecture with both scalability and performance. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, their developers have particular expertise in performant database design, SharePoint workflows and custom development.

Aspira Enterprise IT Solutions and System Integration offerings have gained the trust of some of the largest enterprise clients worldwide. Innovative technologies include a Cloud Marketplace and flexible Data Analytics.

Aspira deliver a complete set of Enterprise IT services by their highly qualified engineers with expertise in Cloud and Hybrid hosted solutions, hardware architecture and software license management. Their engineers deliver IT services remotely or on-site that add value to client’s businesses thereby reducing costs, increasing competitiveness, removing complexity and increasing efficiencies.

Aspira are approved education providers by both the Project Management Institute (REP®) and the International Institute of Business Analysis (EEP®). This means their training has been audited by the PMI® and the IIBA® and meets their strict quality requirements. Their training focuses on increasing competencies in the application of best practice Project Management Skills and Techniques based on the PMI PMBOK and best practice Business Analysis Skills based on the IIBA BABOK.

Aspira has consistently delivered growth of 40 percent per annum and have won numerous industry awards.


Career opportunities with Adaptive HVM

Jobs Expo is delighted to announce that Adaptive HVM will be recruiting at our event at the Europa Hotel on 17 September.


Adaptive HVM specialises in business improvement and sustaining consultancy. They help companies improve their business processes and get better use and value from their resources.

Services offered by Adaptive HVM

Adaptive offers a full range of project and change management services. They apply their high volume business expertise to solve complex problems in a variety of settings that creates value for our customers. They work hand-in-hand both with an organisation and into an organisation; we apply our expertise to fundamentally change an organisation’s concept of value, eliminate waste and implement lasting positive change.

Adaptive’s services include solving complex organisational and business problems. They also assist with senior interim management solutions by inserting senior executives into interim and crisis situations.

Adaptive can also offer staff augmentation for project teams and temporary support as well as permanent solutions. They search and place management and senior technology specialists with clients in Ireland and internationally

The company uses Adaptive Innovation Methodology (AIM) to develop advanced systems and technology to meet future customer needs. The company also provides project management solutions. They integrate large-scale systems; develop change programs, cost reduction, budget management.

Adaptive HVM is based in Dublin in Ireland. The company is driven by an exceptional commitment to quality and a conviction that best practice should be common practice.


Award winning Amadeus joins Jobs Expo

We are delighted to announce that Amadeus will be recruiting at Jobs Expo Belfast.

Amadeus are a multi-award winning catering firm. They specialise in private, event and corporate dining. With a team of 676 staff members including 15 innovation specialists and over 135 chefs, the company caters to around 4 million people every year. Amadeus is committed to excellence and they have won an impressive 640 culinary and catering awards over their nearly 40 year history.

Amadeus believe that the secret to their success is their team. They look for candidates who offer talent, passion and ability to sell. Successful candidates will be offered training to help them achieve their goals and their “service that sells” programme offers multi-layered training along with an assessment and scoring programme to ensure their customers received consistent and exemplary service every time.

Amadeus show significant growth in 2015/2016

In 2015/16 Amadeus saw significant growth by delivering a 7 percent increase in revenue and a 26 percent increase in profit. This includes securing £20m worth of revenue over two new contracts – the Belfast Waterfront and Ulster Hall, and Delapre Abbey in Northamptonshire. The company has also seen growth in its standalone events business. The team meet and exceeded its annual target, delivered their first event in Europe and won two industry awards.



Meet Pramerica at Jobs Expo this September

Jobs Expo is delighted to announce that Pramerica will be joining us for our Belfast event on 17 September at the Europa Hotel.

Pramerica is a business and technology operations subsidiary of US-based Prudential Financial Inc., a global financial services leader. Prudential Financial Inc. had more than $1.1 trillion of assets under management as of March 31, 2014 and operates in the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The company was founded in County Donegal in 2000 and provides a range of development, quality assurance and systems engineering services to Prudential Financial Inc. This includes: software development, software quality assurance testing, system management, business intelligence, project management, fintech, business and systems analysis, ethical hacking, test automation and systems engineering. They supply the means to help customers meet high performance targets by sharing organisational awareness, technical competence and exceptional analytical and management capabilities.

Pramerica also provides a wide range of professional business solutions to their parent company’s business groups across the US. They offer expertise on technical support, financial, fintech, legal, actuarial services, contact centre, and back office processing.

Pramerica has over 1,100 employees. They offer an exciting working environment, great learning opportunities, supportive management and an extensive benefits package. They support employees in their efforts to achieve internationally accepted certifications such as CMMI® Level 3, PMP®, CBAP® and CCBA®.


Clear AV

Lisburn’s Clear AV to expand by 60 new jobs

Clear AV is to create 60 new jobs in Northern Ireland. The Lisburn firm installs technology at luxury hotels – mostly in London – and is currently working on around 45 different projects. These projects range in value from £10m to £100m in value, and clients include Claridge’s, the Hilton Hotel Group, W hotel and Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. The new staff will triple the company’s workforce of 30.

Clear AV was founded 25 years ago. The company initially installed television aerials, but later expanded their services into contemporary technology. This includes hotel television and room systems controlled by an iPad computer tablet. In addition, Clear AV developed an automated lighting system for Claridge’s.

Clear AV technology developed in collaboration with Apple

Philip Dowds, Clear AV’s managing director said that the company uses technology to create “amazing experiences every day.” These include technology to create dramatic lighting, control temperature, music and immersive theatre systems.

“In the luxury commercial sector we install similar technologically complex projects that are controlled using a simple interface on a customised iPad that we have developed in collaboration with Apple. These devices function differently from a standard iPad and enable users to control every aspect of the room, from TV and audio to climate and access,” he explained.

The 60 new jobs should be created by 2020 as Clear AV expands its client base. The company will also be rebranding, said Dowds.

“We’re a hungry, ambitious and driven team who have been fortunate to work on some of the most prestigious commercial and residential projects in London – especially over the past three years or so. We are renowned for delivering complex, high-end projects on time every time. Our business has evolved in line with our sector and we are currently finalising an exciting re-brand.”




Taoiseach Kenny prosposes all-Ireland Brexit forum and is rebuffed by NI’s Arlene Foster

Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s proposed all-Ireland forum to mitigate the negative effects of Brexit has met with a frosty reception from Northern Ireland First Minister and DUP leader Arlene Foster.

Foster has said that such a forum is unnecessary. She was in Dublin this Monday with members of the Northern Executive to attend a meeting of the North-South Ministerial Council (NSMC). The council discusses areas of common interest between the Republic and Northern Ireland and promotes co-operation between the two governments.

However, despite strong support from Kenny and ministers in his government, the proposed Brexit forum was not one of the topics under discussion. It is believed that Foster had rejected the idea and was unwilling to talk about it further.

Foster told a press conference that there were “more than enough” bodies through which Dublin and Belfast could co-operate, making Kenny’s proposed forum unnecessary.

“I don’t think there’s any mechanisms needed because we can lift the phone to each other,” she said. “We may not agree on small things like mechanisms – we do agree on the need to work together to make the best for our people,” the First Minister said.

Foster also claimed that the forum had not been suggested to her.

“With respect to the forum that seemed to gather steam over the weekend, it wasn’t discussed with me over the weekend, or indeed before, and it wasn’t discussed at the NSMC today,” she said.

Kenny leaves forum invitation open

In contrast, Kenny claimed the idea had been rebuffed, but added that idea could be revised should interest be expressed by Northern Ireland’s government.

NI’s Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness of Sinn Féin is in favour of the forum, calling it “a good suggestion” and saying it could proceed without the input of the DUP.

“I don’t think there should be a veto,” he said.

However both governments were keen to emphasise that co-operation would continue and that they would work together to find measures to ameliorate the negative effect of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

budget airline

EasyJet to fly away from the UK?

EasyJet, the UK budget airline, may need to move company headquarters to a European city in response to last month’s shock Brexit result.

The airline has applied for an air operator certificate from the European Union to continue using EU air routes if and when the UK formally withdraws from the block.

“EasyJet is lobbying the UK government and the EU to ensure the continuation of a fully liberal and deregulated aviation market within the UK and Europe. This would mean that EasyJet and all European airlines can continue to operate as they do today,” the company said in a statement.

“As part of EasyJet’s contingency planning before the referendum we had informal discussions with a number of European aviation regulators about the establishment of an AOC in an European country to enable EasyJet to fly across Europe as we do today. EasyJet has now started a formal process to acquire an AOC,” it continued.

The airline also noted that it does not need operational or structural changes as of yet, nor is it currently planning to move from Luton. However, should lobbying prove unsuccessful, the airline will consider setting up a new European base of operation. Dublin is seen as an attractive choice by many airlines because of regulatory and tax issues.

EasyJet and others issue profit warnings

The UK’s air travel and banking sectors were particularly impacted by the Brexit result. Ryanair has put new UK connections on hold for the foreseeable future because the uncertainty caused by the Leave vote. More than 25 percent of Ryanair’s sales come from the UK market.

“I don’t think we’ll open up many new lines in the UK for the next 12 or 18 months, until this current uncertainty is removed,” explained Ryanair’s chief executive Michael O’Leary.

Aer Lingus, British Airways and EasyJet issued profit-warnings after the June 23 referendum when Sterling sharply fell against the euro. Economic and consumer uncertainty is expected over the summer, negatively impacting airline revenues.


Brexit: threats and opportunities for the Republic and Northern Ireland

The UK’s shock Brexit result has created economic and political turmoil in Britain, with ramifications around the world. As it became clear that a slim majority of the British electorate had chosen to leave the EU, the value of the pound plummeted. David Cameron stepped down, and it wasn’t long before the knives were out for Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, who lost a vote of no confidence motion from the Parliamentary Labour Party.

While a Remain vote would have been economically preferable for Ireland, both Northern Ireland and the Republic, Brexit offers opportunities as well as threats. Here we look at these.

Exchange rate

Sterling is down making Irish goods more expensive to export to the UK. Once we know how Britain intends to proceed, the exchange rate should level out. It may be some time before we do. However it is possible the markets may adopt a “business as usual” approach if it looks like Brexit will be indefinitely put on hold.

David Cameron has declared his intention to leave it to his successor to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. This would begin the formal process of negotiations for leaving the EU. Even notable Brexit leaders such as Boris Johnson seem less than eager to trigger Article 50. Boris Johnson hoped to begin with informal talks, although this was rejected by the EU. As the referendum was non-binding, and as the majority of MPs are Remain supporters, Brexit may be put on the backburner.

Opportunities for business links

Business experts suggest that the current uncertainty is an opportunity for Irish businesses to create strong links with UK companies, particularly those looking for a way into the single market. Irish companies who offer solutions to their UK counterparts to trade with the EU zone could flourish.

Implications for Northern Ireland

Many companies in the Republic already have operations in Northern Ireland, using this as a base to move into the UK market. However, it is possible that Northern Ireland may face a recession with less money coming from Westminster, no EU funds and potential job losses. The hit HBO show Game of Thrones has created hundreds of jobs and attracted thousands of tourists to NI, but there is talk that the show may relocate in the wake of Brexit. Stormont could seek to offer businesses lower taxes and other incentives however.

A disunited Kingdom

Not long after Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, announced that another Scottish independence referendum may take place. Scotland overwhelmingly voted to remain in Europe, and Sturgeon argues that the previous independence referendum was contingent on the UK remaining part of the EU.

Sturgeon has also been looking to revitalise Scotland’s economy making it less dependent on oil and gas revenues. This will mean attracting multinationals and start-ups – which could put Scotland and Ireland in direct competition for inward investment. If Scotland does vote for independence, the country will apply for EU membership. Although the process is a lengthy one, it is likely the application will be fast-tracked since Scotland was unwillingly removed from the EU through Brexit.

London’s loss, Dublin’s gain?

The IDA may be able to persuade UK companies, or multinationals based in Britain to relocate to Ireland. It is not clear yet if any companies will bite. Morgan Stanley has denied reports that they were preparing to move 2,000 staff to Dublin or Berlin after the Brexit vote.

The road ahead

Brexit is likely to cause economic turmoil in Ireland, at least in the short-term. However, with creative thinking it also presents an opportunity for Ireland and Irish businesses. Ireland acts as a springboard for US businesses wanting to move into EU markets; it also acts in a similar manner for EU businesses hoping to enter the US. Ireland can position itself to do the same for the UK. Geographically Ireland sits between three large economic zones – the opportunities are there if we find creative ways to exploit them.