Springboard Opportunities

Springboard Opportunities joins Jobs Expo

We are very pleased to announce that one of Northern Ireland’s most important initiatives, Springboard Opportunities, will be exhibiting at our event at the Europa Hotel on 17 September.

Established in 1992, Springboard is committed ‘within a spirit of partnership, to building the capacity of disadvantaged people and their communities and contributing to a society that is at ease with itself and its diversity’.

Springboard: Supporting people and communities

Their 24-year track record, delivered within local and international frameworks, supports young people, to discover their potential and build capacity to make their lives better. Springboard believes their work makes a positive and sustainable difference to individuals and has significant mutual benefits to building shared communities.

Springboard’s key activities are primarily targeted to areas that face disadvantage and are also affected by division or conflict. They provide dynamic, needs-led learning opportunities for individuals and groups on themes such as diversity, personal growth, employability and community participation. They create bespoke learning interventions and accredited training and provide one-to-one support for marginalised young people.

Since Springboard’s inception they have supported over 10,000 participants. This includes a cross community and cross-border basis, and they have facilitated significant outcomes and outputs. On average 70 percent of participants progress to training, further education or employment. This is underpinned by increased personal competencies, with many seeking greater involvement in their community.

Springboard work on a partnership model. They have extensive local and global partnerships (US, Canada, S Africa, Europe) and always welcome new partnerships


BT to recruit at Jobs Expo Belfast

Jobs Expo is very proud to announce that BT will be recruiting at Jobs Expo Belfast.

BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies. They serve the needs of customers in the UK and across 180 countries worldwide. They provide fixed-line services, broadband, mobile and TV products and services as well as networked IT services.

BT sells products and services to consumers, small and medium sized enterprises and the public sector. They also sell wholesale products and services to communications providers in the UK and around the world. They supply managed networked IT services to multinational corporations, domestic businesses and national and local government organisations.

BT is one of the UK’s best-known companies and an established global communications company. Most of the world’s large multinational corporations including respected brands such as Unilever, Microsoft, Pepsico, Fiat, Thomson-Reuters and many, many more, rely on the company for the services they need to compete in the global market.

Careers at BT

BT offers job opportunities in the global market they serve. This includes the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

BT is a diverse business with a global reach and impact and employees have significant opportunities for professional development and growth.  In addition, employees are offered a range of benefits. These include a pension scheme, flexible working hours, share-related benefits, discounts and special prices on products and services.

BT is an inclusive employer. They also actively encourage the recruitment, development and retention of disabled people. The company also offers a paid apprenticeship scheme. Apprentices learn alongside colleagues while on the job. In addition, they attend college to gain a recognised professional qualification. The company covers the costs of training as well as paying apprentices a competitive salary.

Eishtec recruiting at Jobs Expo

Jobs Expo is pleased to announce that Eishtec will be joining our event at the Europa Hotel on 17 September.

Eishtec are innovative providers of business process outsourcing. From their bases in Ireland and the UK, the company delivers results by focusing on their people, processes and performance. They look at key behaviours and processes, and use analytics to generate insights, develop solutions and improve performance.

Eishtec offers a number of key services. They select the right applications and tools to design solutions for a client’s needs. These solutions add value to a client’s business. They identify findings about a client’s product and services and turn these into practical actions.

Key services include voice and data analytics. The company can work with large amounts of data and extract valuable insights. These insights can be used to make improvements to a client’s objectives.

Eishtec also provides communication solution. Phone and voice technologies are integrated into an organisation and work seamlessly across business. The company also uses social media as a channel to a clients’ customers and to keep a check on what is happening in the market. In addition, customers are engaged through non-voice channels such as live chat, SMS, direct mail and email. Eishtec also offers training services so that their advisors can implement solutions in a way that adds value to a business.



What’s it like to work for Aspira?

Jobs Expo sat down with Clodagh Geary of Aspira to find out what working for the company is like. Aspira will be recruiting at Jobs Expo in Belfast. They are an award-winning Irish company with global reach. Aspira have offices in Dublin and Cork, and offer consultancy and IT services to companies around the world. Their clients include AIB, Coillte, DePuy Synths, EirGrid, ESB and Electric Ireland and Laya Healthcare.

You have offices in Dublin and Cork. Are you recruiting for both?

Aspira have clients all over Ireland, and also in the UK, USA and Europe.  Some of our team work directly on site with clients, while most work from our offices which are based in Dublin and Cork.  We have technical IT and Project Management roles to fill in both locations,  and given our geographic spread of clients we are also interested in hearing from people who may enjoy travel and would like to work in different locations.

Describe a typical day in the office?

A typical day depends on your role.  We try to keep people focused on one project at a time. If you are a software developer, you might spend three to six months focused on designing a system or application and then developing and testing that solution for release to a client.  If you are a project manager, you will be focused on whatever is going on at that stage of the project.  However, if you are working in a general operations role, then you need to multi-task!  You could be meeting clients, writing proposals, attending trade shows, delivering consultancy, reviewing tenders, selecting vendors – you name it! We have a very diverse business environment!  We try to match the roles to people’s preferences – some people love to focus on a single project and get into the zone, whereas others enjoy the variety that comes with multi-tasking.

Other than skills, what are the qualities you look for when hiring new team members?

In addition to qualifications and certifications, we have a set of core competencies that we look for in our people.  These are intelligence, professionalism, work ethic, initiative, attention to detail, ability to communicate and teamwork.  To us, these qualities are more important than experience using a particular set of tools, because smart, committed people will quickly learn new tools. We also like to complement our team with diverse cultures and a clear view of our common company objectives.

What can new hires expect during their first week?

We have an induction programme that takes people through the company’s structure, mission, values, culture and so forth.  Then we assign a mentor to the new hire so that he/she has somebody that they can informally approach with any questions. The mentor takes responsibility for ensuring the new hire is being looked after.  As a project management specialist company, it is important that we live up to our standards. The small things are important – things like ensuring the new hire has their accounts set up in advance, has a desk, and has a laptop. It never ceases to amaze me how some companies leave their new hires hanging around for weeks while they ‘find’ them a laptop or give them email or internet access! We aim to get people to be productive quickly, as the best way to learn and integrate with the team is to take on some real tasks and deliverables.

Is there anything many new hires find challenging when they first start with Aspira?

We are not a hierarchical company.  I think this is great as it means everybody is encouraged to express their opinion and to challenge things. Nobody is ever told “it’s not your place to say that”.  However I know that some people who have joined us, coming from more rigid hierarchical background, have taken a while to ‘get’ this.  Our CEO encourages us to tell him if his ideas are rubbish. Of course, you then need to be prepared to explain why, and ideally have a better idea ready to propose!.

What makes Aspira a great place to work?

Three things – the client focus, the expertise of the team, and the wide range of services.  There is intense focus on identifying and meeting client needs. This makes it a very enjoyable place to work as our clients really appreciate the service we provide, and it makes it a pleasure rather than a chore.  The people working in Aspira are seriously smart, with loads of experience, and the culture encourages sharing of ideas and bouncing questions and theories off each other. This makes it a very engaging and learning experience.  Finally the range of services is huge, so rather than get pigeonholed into a particular narrow role, people have the chance to get involved in lots of different areas.  I think you gain as much experience in one year with Aspira as you would in five years in another multinational.

What about opportunities for advancement?

There’s a lot of emphasis placed upon learning and development, and people are encouraged and supported in gaining professional accreditation and certifications. We are a training company as well! There is also a culture of promoting from within wherever possible.  Because Aspira has been consistently growing, there is a lot of career opportunity for people – not just to become a manager, but also to take on more senior technical roles.  Some companies force people down the managerial route in order to advance their careers, but Aspira has a twin track, covering both managerial and technical roles.

What do you enjoy most about your own job?

Aspira have enabled me to take a broader view of my own skill set. I have previously worked for system integrators and resourcing companies. Because of my skills in that particular area, and the ability for that type of business to be a high revenue earner, I was often left to run that type of division and churn numbers for the rest of the organisation. I am much more involved in every level of the company, and hope that my own input has helped us achieve the growth of the organisation, not just through placing consultants on projects.

Most of us have had at least one interview that didn’t go according to plan. Have you ever messed up a job interview yourself? If so, could you tell us about it?

Once, I was part of a group interview, with two of us being interviewed by a panel.   I noticed my co-interviewer starting to act strangely.  It turned out that years earlier she had been in the army and had worked with one of the interview panel him in the army.  Unfortunately, back then she submitted a complaint that ultimately led to the interviewer being dismissed from the army and turning to civilian life.  When both parties realised who the other was, it was obvious there was not going to be a job offer.  I could not get out of that room fast enough.  Awkward!

Is there anything else you’d like potential recruits to know?

Aspira is a company that treats people with respect, and has a great culture where people work hard and have fun.  There are a lot of people here who have been here since the company set up ten years ago, and they are enjoying the recent plans being made for even larger future growth.  They like the consistent values and culture that we have promoted from day one, being enjoyed by new staff members. The newer approach to aligned objectives, and a gentle introduction to a more structured organisational chart has been received well.

There is a great bonus, working for a training company! Particularly in relation to career development from a technical perspective. Newer recruits are surrounded by some seriously talented technical people, who are happy to share their knowledge. We adapt the same approach with clients, always looking to share and adopt a skills and knowledge transfer approach to our engagements. Having strong partnerships with Microsoft and Dell, and other great technology leaders gives our staff access to a wide arrange of courses and certification opportunities. For the PMs and BAs, we encourage them to follow PMP, CBAP or Prince 2 certifications. Careers don’t stand still at Aspira!




Meet global leader Convergys at Jobs Expo

Convergys will be recruiting at Jobs Expo on 17 September at the Europa Hotel. This is an exciting opportunity to join a multinational company that is committed to employee progression and social responsibility.

Convergys is a global leader in customer management committed to helping their clients maintain exceptional relationships with their customers. The company has a staff of 130,000 employees speaking 58 languages. They operate in more than 150 locations across 31 countries.

The company operates in a number of international markets. Convergys offers their clients significant experience across a number of industries. These include: automotive; communications and media; financial services; healthcare; insurance; retail; technology; travel and hospitality; and utilities.

In addition to customer care, the company offers a number of capabilities to their clients. These include revenue generation and retention; technical support; collections; analytics; and omnichannel technology. They also assist their clients with a number of business challenges. These include customer experience; customer retention; cost management; regulatory compliance and fraud protection; sales effectiveness; languages; and transformation.

Convergys and social responsibility

Convergys is a socially responsible company. They use their talent and resources to support communities and run programme to address local needs. This includes helping people develop successful careers. They also run healthy living initiatives. Finally, they address issues affecting daily life. These include child care, shelter, hunger, transportation and financial literacy. Convergys voluntarily sought and achieved Verego Social Responsibility Standard Certification. Verego is an independent third party assessor that ensures the effective management of corporate responsibilities initiatives.

Working for Convergys

Convergys aims to offer unparalleled care for their clients and customers, but also for their staff. The company is committed to helping their employees accomplish great things and build successful careers. They offer careers across all of their 150 locations, allowing staff to grow personally and professionally while making a difference to the communities in which they work.

Convergys offers employees the opportunity for professional growth and training.  Their Talent Academy offers a range of learning and development programmes across all areas of their business. In addition, employees receive an excellent benefit package, a healthy work-life balance and a supportive work environment. They are committed to workplace diversity.


NI business

Brexit causes NI business to stall

A report has found that business growth, investment and recruitment plans are at risk in Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry and business advisers BDO recently published their Quarter 2 Economic Survey. This report on the current business climate found that one in four NI businesses are reconsidering their future. Firms are worried about the future value of sterling. Many have revised plans to grow, invest or recruit because of June’s shock Brexit vote.

Ann McGregor, chief executive of the NI Chamber said its members are concerned about the implications of leaving the EU.

“The lack of information available post-Brexit is a concern for our members, with a significant majority having already revised or expecting to revise their growth plans,” she said.

McGregor explained that around half of NI companies expect to put investment decisions on hold. Brexit has shaken business confidence. The North’s economy was growing during the second quarter of 2016 before the EU referendum result announcement.

Concerns for NI business skills shortage

Business in the North was generally positive prior to the referendum. However, since the end of June, businesses are concerned how withdrawing from the EU will impact day-to-day business operations.

Areas of particular concern were future trading rules, European regional funding and the future immigration status of EU employees. Businesses have already voiced worries that a skills shortage is hampering efforts to grow.

However, Brian Murphy of BDO believes Northern Ireland’s businesses are flexible and able to adapt to future challenges.

“I am confident that businesses in NI will in fact make the most of the positives, positives such as the advantages our exporters and our hospitality sector are benefiting from as a result of the weaker pound,” he said.



Looking for healthcare jobs? Meet Lydian Care at Jobs Expo

Calling all nurses and healthcare staff! Lydian Care will be recruiting at Jobs Expo at the Europa Hotel on 17 September.

Lydian Care is an award winning care agency, and one of Northern Ireland’s fastest growing care agencies.

Lydian Care provides healthcare staff and home care services.  They are a leading provider of domiciliary care and provide home care services in the South Eastern and Southern Trust.

The agency offers a 24-hour dedicated on-call service. Clients can avail of day or night service day every day of the week, from one to four times every day.

Lydian Care provides a personalised approach with a dedicated management team. The agency allocates a manager to oversee the care package of every client. The manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of carers.

Lydian Care provides a wide range of practical and personal care support to their clients. This includes care for those requiring support with:

  • Frail and elderly care
  • Physical disabilities
  • Learning disabilities
  • Hospital discharges
  • Mental health
  • Terminally ill

Lydian Care is also a leading healthcare provider specialising in temporary and permanent staffing solutions across Northern Ireland. They provide healthcare and nursing staff to a range of clients, including NHS, charitable and private health facilities. Lydian Care is committed to best practice and effective recruitment. They offer a high quality service that is flexible and tailored to meet clients’ needs.

All of the agency’s healthcare personnel are recruited in line with legislation, which includes Access NI checks, NISCC and NMC registration, and are fully trained in line with RQIA and industry standards.



Meet McKinty Associates at Jobs Expo 2016

Calling all finance professionals! We are delighted to announce that McKinty Associates will be exhibiting at Jobs Expo this September.

McKinty Associates specialise in finance recruitment across Northern Ireland. The company has focused on this specific sector for many years and are experts in the field.

As a result, McKinty Associates often have exclusive access to some of the region’s most desirable accountancy and finance vacancies. They work alongside some of the country’s largest organisations and offer non-advertised roles and confidential vacancies as well as traditional roles. They work with many of Northern Ireland’s most prestigious employers, including Top 100 companies, SMEs, Big 4 banks and accountancy firms, Top 10 public practices and third sector organisations.

McKinty Associates recruit skilled accounting and finance professionals from junior posts through to senior management level. They recruit for a wide range of businesses across the public practice, private and public sector as well as for not-for-profit organisations. They have a strong track record of placing permanent, contract and interim roles and they take a bespoke approach to every vacancy ensuring we achieve the best match between our client requirements and candidate skills, qualifications and experience.

Managing director Sara McKinty has worked in financial recruitment in Northern Ireland since 1999. As one of the most experienced recruiters in the province she has assisted hundreds of candidates enhance their careers and organisations, both large and small, grow their finance teams. Sara is a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals. In addition, she takes a particular interest in career coaching and enjoys using her commercial and personal experiences to challenge and enhance candidates while also assisting them in planning and achieving their professional and personal career goals.

Associate Director, Sinead Fox-Hamilton LLB ACA, is a law graduate and a qualified chartered accountant. She joined the team in June 2014 and has experience working in Big 4 practice, industry and banking roles. She is able to use her first-hand knowledge of the finance profession to help both candidates and clients alike.



TeleTech joins Jobs Expo

TeleTech are customer relations experts with more than thirty years of experience. Their guiding principle is that customer relationships which are built on trust and simplicity deliver lasting value for everyone. In other words, happy customers equal happy companies.

TeleTech knows that building good customer relationships across every channel, in every interaction and every day is not simple. The contemporary “always on” multichannel world in which we live creates challenges for companies and customers alike. Companies, trying to adapt to a new world of connectivity, are faced with disconnected technology systems. Customers, increasingly empowered by technology, demand a better experience in exchange for their loyalty. If not expertly handled, the result can be a disconnect between companies and their customers that can cost brands billions and push consumers away.

TeleTech re-establish the crucial relationship between brands and customers. Their services empower a company to think beyond the tactics of one-off interactions toward a strategy of long-term relationship building and growth. TeleTech have leveraged their deep customer experience to provide a comprehensive suite of services that enable a company to delight its customers and deliver profitable returns to its shareholders.

TeleTech works with some of the most successful companies around the world. They interact with 3.5 million customers, 24/7 in more than 80 countries using almost 50 languages across social, mobile, digital and face-to-face channels. Their integrated platform offers consulting, technology, care and growth services. They deliver exceptional experiences by bringing the best team, tool and practices to everything they do.

TeleTech will be exhibiting at Jobs Expo Belfast on 17 September at the Europa Hotel.


Santander recruiting at Jobs Expo

We are delighted to announce that Santander will be exhibiting at Jobs Expo Belfast on 17 September at the Europa Hotel.

Santander was founded in 1856 and aims to be the best retail and commercial bank in the world. The group’s corporate motto is “simple, personal and fair.” This defines how the bank conducts business, interacts with their customers, shareholders and society. Santander offers an open-door service to their customers, providing simple, easy to understand and uncomplicated products.

The bank has 193,863 employees and offers career opportunities across the world. The number of countries and business areas in which the group operates allows candidates to choose positions throughout Santander’s structure, and become part of one of their teams, including commercial, financial and communications. The group is committed to multicultural staffing with international careers that promote expansion and growth. Ideal candidates should have the capacity for innovation, teamwork, leadership, as well as a clear customer focus.

Santander Business Schools

Santander Business Schools are open to students currently pursuing an MBA or other graduate programme and graduates who have completed their studies within the last three years. The Business Schools run graduate recruitment campaigns and graduate summer internship programme. Santander also has positions available for candidates with experience in the financial sector as well as other professionals.

In 2015, the group was named as one of the Sunday Times’ “25 Best Companies to Work For” and as one of The Times’ “Top 50 Employers for Women.”