Missed Jobs Expo this September? Find out what some of exhibitors had to say

Jobs Expo in Belfast this September was a great success. We had some fantastic international and national companies taking part, and recruiting, at the event.

In case you were not able to make it, we have collected interviews with some of our exhibitors. BT, Almac, Santander, Aspira, TeleTech and Eishtec chatted to Kevin Branigan about job opportunities and more. Take a look!


EOS IT Solutions

EOS IT Solutions to recruit at Jobs Expo Belfast

We are delighted to announce that EOS IT Solutions will be exhibiting at Jobs Expo Belfast on 17 September.

EOS IT Solutions is a leading IT and global video collaboration company. They specialise in innovative IT and video conferencing solutions, which empower businesses and organisations throughout the world. With teams of qualified IT support engineers, EOS IT Solutions offers a fast and reliable service to their clients.

The company constantly keeps up to date with the latest in hardware and software technologies. In addition, they continually train and develop their team. Consequently, EOS IT Solutions can offer businesses the best possible solutions available.

EOS IT Solutions understand that no two businesses are the same. Therefore, they work closely with their clients to understand their business needs. They also ensure that their clients operate in a safe and secure environment. Their popular managed IT service offers businesses a range of effective and efficient IT support packages. These address and support the day-to-day running of a client’s business, while minimising the costs of support.

EOS IT Solutions go beyond traditional IT support with world-class video collaboration solutions. They are a Global and Master partner for Cisco Systems Inc. EOS offers a range of video collaboration products from desktop to boardroom. Not only can they deploy a client’s video collaboration systems into the organisation, they also offer a range of services to compliment a business. These are tailored to a client’s needs and include project management, installations, design, logistics, monitoring, maintenance and repairs.

EOS IT Solutions have their headquarters in Banbridge (UK). In addition, they have operational offices in California, Texas, London, Dublin, Hong Kong, Sydney, Barcelona, Frankfurt, and Singapore. They have the ability to offer their collaboration services on a worldwide scale. The company works with micro businesses up to enterprise clients with multi-site operations on multiple continents while delivering a superior service every time.


Spectrum joins Jobs Expo Belfast

We are delighted to announce that Spectrum have joined our event on 17 September at the Europa Hotel.

Spectrum assists clients making important financial decisions, such as buying a home or property, financial planning and investments and purchasing the correct protection coverage. They are dedicated to creating  meaningful, long-term relationships with their clients based on understanding, knowledge and commitment to progress. Spectrum is a company of action – proactive, professional and committed to creating long-term success and financial progression for their clients.

The company understands that everyone is different. That’s why their financial planning approach is as individual as their clients. They know the financial side of life can be complex and that is why the company works hard to get to know their clients and their clients’ aspirations through careful life planning and consultation. They then provide quality advice services and practical pathways to help clients achieve the life they want.

Spectrum’s financial planning services includes helping clients make efficient use of their existing resources, ensuring tax efficiency, as well as delivering a level of access and control clients require. In addition, they can help clients consider how their assets can be passed on to the next generation.

Their financial planning process involves developing strategies to help clients manage their financial affairs so they can build and preserve wealth, achieve financial security and most enjoy their lives.

As part of their comprehensive service, Spectrum will typically look at the following:

  • Ensuring clients have sufficient liquidity both now and in the future
  • Retirement option strategies
  • Evaluating and measuring the risks affecting planning, the consequence of disability, premature death or even longevity
  • Tax optimisation and reducing tax liabilities
  • Estate planning, minimising the impact of inheritance tax, and ensuring assets are distributed in accordance with a client’s wishes
  • Analysing, restructuring and simplifying investment portfolios
  • Ensuring clients are on track to achieve the life they want by analysing in detail where they are now with where they want to be

What’s it like to work for Eishtec?

Eishtec are innovative providers of business process outsourcing. From their bases in Ireland and the UK, the company delivers results by focusing on their people, processes and performance. The company will be recruiting at Jobs Expo in Belfast. But what’s it like to work there? We spoke to Eithne Knox, Eishtec’s Human Resources and Training Manager to find out more.

Describe a typical day in the office?

Our customer agents are the main point of contract for our client’s customers. They handle hundreds of calls daily and weekly. They answer handling while delivering outstanding customer service. Customer agents are assigned to Loyalty, which is Sales and Upgrades, Tech, or Home Broadband. They work in a team of up to 20 agents, supported by team leaders.

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Bronagh Cotter

BCS Sales Recruitment returns to Jobs Expo

We are happy to announce that BCS Sales Recruitment will be back at Jobs Expo Belfast on 17 September.

BCS Sales Recruitment is a specialist consultancy, providing human resources services to a number of sectors including sales, IT and pharmaceutical. They are experts in the selection of specialised professionals from graduate trainee to senior management and director level.

BCS are the main sponsors of Jobs Expo. They are the organisers of the Jobs Expo events in Dublin, Cork and Belfast as well as the dynamic team behind Virtual Expos Ireland.

“We’ve always had great success at the event,” says Bronagh Cotter of BCS. “Jobs Expo connects employees and employers, but it also offers recruitment firms an opportunity to build new relationships with candidates.”

During Jobs Expo, BCS will have a team of recruitment specialists on hand to advise jobseekers on a number of subjects. These include CV preparation, interview skills, and career development. Their jobseeker services are available to anyone looking for employment whether they are recently graduated, changing career direction, returning to work or unemployed after a dismissal.

“Our jobseeker services have been developed over our many years in recruitment. Candidates may have a wealth of energy and talent to offer, but many are unsure how to sell themselves to employers. Others underestimate the importance of abilities that are not easy to categorise on a CV, such as soft skills, and fail to highlight these. That is where BCS can help. We work closely candidates and employers to find the best fit for both of them.”

Bronagh believes that successful recruitment is about creating mutually beneficial relationships between employers and employees.

“Companies don’t just consider professional skills and experience when they want to fill a role – they want to meet candidates who will slot into their company’s culture. By the same token, jobseekers, particularly those with in-demand skills, want more than just a good salary. For some, working on innovative projects or with cutting-edge companies is as important, if not more so, than remuneration; for others, travel, the potential for promotion, or work-life balance are crucial,” says Bronagh.

“BCS works to match a candidate’s career ambitions and expectations with the right company. We don’t consider it a job well done unless both the employer and employee benefit. We spent so much of our day at work that accepting anything less is simply unacceptable.”

Hourglass Education

Hourglass Education will be recruiting at Jobs Expo

Hourglass Education is a unique, specialist teacher recruitment agency. They recruit long-term, contract and permanent contract teachers for posts throughout England. Hourglass Education works in partnership with a large number of schools, academies and academy trusts throughout England. In addition, they are under positive instructions to secure more teachers from Ireland.

The team at Hourglass Education have been recruiting and placing teachers from overseas for the last 16 years. They have an extremely successful track record in placing teachers in positions which match their needs.

The agency supports their teachers throughout the recruitment process. This ensures that teachers are matched to an institution that relates to their experience, but also where teachers can actualise, develop and enhance their repertoire and skills. Hourglass also supports teachers throughout their transition period.

Hourglass Education services to teachers
  • Securing the location preferred by teachers
  • Matching closely the type of school: size, ethos, philosophy, academic and behavioural standards to a teacher’s experience
  • Assisting with arrival, induction, initial and long-term accommodation needs
  • Advising and supporting teachers as they commence and continue in their posts

Hourglass Education places teachers in positions that are full time for a minimum of one teaching year. They do not place teachers for daily or short-term assignments.

The agency is led and directed by two former head teachers. Together they have 34 years of educational recruitment experience.

Virtual Expos Ireland

Virtual Expos Ireland to exhibit at Jobs Expo

Jobs Expo is proud to announce that Virtual Expos Ireland will be joining us in Belfast on 17 September and in Dublin on 22 October.

Virtual Expos Ireland is an online virtual career platform that allows job-seekers to connect and engage with potential employers without having to leave their desk. Based on the idea of a physical jobs or recruitment fair, Virtual Expos Ireland brings specialised job-seekers together with employers, HR and personnel professionals from top organisations from Ireland and around the world.

Attendees can connect directly with recruiters online and explore an array of open career opportunities. By connecting directly with recruiters, jobseekers have the opportunity to chat directly with recruiters, share their career credentials, including their experience, knowledge and qualifications and apply directly for job vacancies in a private environment.

Virtual Expos uses the latest in interactive chat technology to run specialised online recruitment fairs. They organise virtual events for a variety of different industries, such as banking and financial services, the pharmaceutical and health sectors, engineering, construction and many more. Virtual Expos works on a mobile-friendly platform and it requires no downloads or heavy software installations. All candidates need is an internet connection and a browser.

With no cost to attendees and the ability to access our recruitment fairs from wherever you are, Virtual Expos Ireland is an easy and effective way to handle specialised recruitment.

Virtual Expos Ireland is run by Careers Unlimited. Careers Unlimited is an Irish company which specialises in recruitment and career enhancement.

For more information about Virtual Expos Ireland, visit see the website.


Life Sciences Consultants joins Jobs Expo

Jobs Expo is proud to announce that Life Sciences Consultants will be joining us in Belfast on 17 September and Dublin on 22 October.

Established in 2003, Life Sciences Consultants delivers resourcing solutions to a wide range of clients in the Irish and international markets. LSC have a proven industry track record in delivering resources for temporary (short- and long-term contract) and permanent roles.

LSC work with a wide range of life sciences professionals to supplement a client’s in-house personnel for specific project needs. This can cover a single individual or a team of resources all on temporary contract assignment.

The company combines strong technical knowledge with HR competencies. They place quality candidates to fill high value vacancies with their clients. LSC also have a strong track record in placing life science professionals in overseas roles. This global reach allows the company  to offer candidates more options when considering their next contract or career step.

In addition, LSC offers engineering consultancy in validation and automation engineering. They take complete ownership and delivery responsibility for a specific project.

Life Sciences Consultants’ specialist recruiters

LSC specialise in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries.

All of their recruitment consultants have extensive knowledge of their field of speciality. This ensures an understanding of the roles, cultures, market, principles and terminology. LSC recruitment specialists are qualified in their area of expertise and have spent time working in industry. Furthermore, all of their recruiters attend on-going technical training programs to stay up to date with market trends.

LSC assists jobseekers find the right job in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. They work with life sciences professionals to help them build on their skills and experience to grow their careers.

Almac Group

What is it like to work for the Almac Group?

For more than 40 years, the Almac Group has supported the global biopharmaceutical industry with their drug development activities and bringing new drugs to market to advance human health. They are global leaders as well as one of the most prestigious companies in Northern Ireland.

Almac will be recruiting at Jobs Expo Belfast on 17 September. But what’s it like to work there? Aisling McConaghy, Recruiting Specialist for the Almac Group, gave us the lowdown.

Tell us about the Almac Group?

The Almac Group are an established contract development and manufacturing organisation that provides specialised drug development services to over 600 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide, including all the market leaders.

Services offered range from R&D, biomarker discovery and development, API manufacture, formulation development, clinical trial supply, IXRS technology (IVRS/IXRS) through to commercial-scale manufacture and companion diagnostic development.

We are a privately owned organisation that has grown organically over the past 40 years and now employs in excess of 4,500 highly skilled people worldwide. Almac is headquartered in Craigavon, Northern Ireland with operations in the UK, Ireland, across the US (Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California) and in Asia (Singapore and Tokyo).

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Springboard Opportunities

Springboard Opportunities joins Jobs Expo

We are very pleased to announce that one of Northern Ireland’s most important initiatives, Springboard Opportunities, will be exhibiting at our event at the Europa Hotel on 17 September.

Established in 1992, Springboard is committed ‘within a spirit of partnership, to building the capacity of disadvantaged people and their communities and contributing to a society that is at ease with itself and its diversity’.

Springboard: Supporting people and communities

Their 24-year track record, delivered within local and international frameworks, supports young people, to discover their potential and build capacity to make their lives better. Springboard believes their work makes a positive and sustainable difference to individuals and has significant mutual benefits to building shared communities.

Springboard’s key activities are primarily targeted to areas that face disadvantage and are also affected by division or conflict. They provide dynamic, needs-led learning opportunities for individuals and groups on themes such as diversity, personal growth, employability and community participation. They create bespoke learning interventions and accredited training and provide one-to-one support for marginalised young people.

Since Springboard’s inception they have supported over 10,000 participants. This includes a cross community and cross-border basis, and they have facilitated significant outcomes and outputs. On average 70 percent of participants progress to training, further education or employment. This is underpinned by increased personal competencies, with many seeking greater involvement in their community.

Springboard work on a partnership model. They have extensive local and global partnerships (US, Canada, S Africa, Europe) and always welcome new partnerships